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Our reason for going to South America is to take care of a group of children and some adults who are disadvantaged and potentially, sick or dying without our help. We do this by medical examinations, treatments, and distribution of medications. For example, we routinely treat for parasitic diseases, which are rampant. We also distribute vitamins that are in our normal diet but are deficient in this group of kids. This year we will treat about 600 kids and some adults.

Over the past 14 years, we have treated nearly 8,000 patients. The last three years we have added a dental hygienist who, with a sonic unit, will clean the teeth of about 75 children/adults  a day, which may save some children’s permanent teeth. A major spin-off of the medical program is spreading the Word of the Lord to the children and parents. We conduct Bible School for all kids seen by the medical team.  A major spin-off of the medical program is spreading the Word of the Lord to the children and parents. We conduct Bible School for all kids seen by the medical team.

Our mission teams, working with Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT), have centered our efforts in Quito, the capitol city. The thrust of our efforts is to promote health and education of the underprivileged children of Ecuador. This program was begun and is promoted by a dedicated Ecuadorian physician and Christian named Roberto Contraras, MD. He is a guiding light and inspiration to all of us.

The medical portion of the team examines and treats 400-600 children per year. These kids range in age from infants to teenagers. Part of our challenge is to take the medications required to treat a broad range of common childhood diseases. We actually establish our own pharmacy and dispense prescribed medications. 2009 marked the first year the team saw, treated and distributed medication to approximately 500 children and adults.

Our physicians, physicians' assistants, and nurse practioneers take brief histories and examine all children before prescribing the appropriate medications. We routinely give pediatric multivitamins and treat the ubiquitous parasites that sap nutrients and inhibit the growth and development of these kids. It has been very rewarding to see the physical and intellectual progress of these kids due to the St Luke team and other similar SIFAT teams. We have documented their growth and development since we weigh and measure every child as well as taking the routine vital signs.

There is a backlog of patients waiting to see the health care professionals. We take advantage of this time by members of the team administering a strong dose of Jesus Christ through teaching, Christian coloring books, and example.


Interested in joining the Ecuador Mission Team?

Interested in joining the Ecuador Mission Team?    The main quality needed for a mission team member is a desire to help these kids. Although we need health care professionals, anyone who has that Christian desire is needed regardless of any skills. We have never seen a person fail to find a useful and rewarding job if he/she has that desire.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Jay or Leta Crittenden, Team Leaders, at (850) 477-2662 (home) or  email us at



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