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Prayer Garden

"Welcome. May God bless all who enter here."

So read the words on the bronze likeness of an open Bible in our Memorial Prayer garden. Numerous benches invite you to come, sit and enjoy the abundance of flowering shrubs, plants and graceful statuary. A stroll through our peaceful garden can’t help but reduce stress and heighten one’s awareness of God and Nature.  But not all is serenity in this quiet haven of nature! An 18 foot trellis adds drama and is covered with flowering vines that entwine themselves upward.Surely our spirits soar as our eyes travel up the trellis to the eagle at the top and beyond.

‘Knock-out’ rose bushes cover themselves with joyous and energizing red blooms all year long. Also, our garden celebrates life. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the inscriptions on the many bricks set into the walkway. All are heartfelt testimonials to friendship, respect, love and affection. Our glorious garden beckons you to pause for a moment and enjoy God’s treasures of the earth.

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